Wine on the Roof: A French Experience  (La L’expérience Française)

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Wine tasting may come to be an enjoyable and memorable experience if you can appreciate the story behind the bottle. Many times we, as consumers, are not aware of just how physically laborious and intricate wine making can be. For us, it’s easier to just pour ourselves a bottle of one of life’s oldest pleasures. But, for winemakers, it’s more than just a business of supply and demand, it’s an art form. And in this art of wine making, enormous passion and dedication are required.

France, known as the capital of love, revolution, and also one of the largest wine producers in the world. The French have a rich understanding of the passion and dedication that is needed, better than anyone else. Unlike the Californian vineyards of Napa Valley, many of the wine provinces in the french region are repeatedly tested by harsh temperatures and mistral winds that can ruin anticipated barrels of delicious wine and leave winemakers with nothing but barrels of simple grape juice.

The country takes pride in its cultivation of fine wines, each unique and enticing in its breathtaking emergence. Some of the most consumed and favored wines are cultivated from various regions of France. Regions such as Bordeaux, found in the southern-western division of France and home to the Gothic Cathédrale St-André and the 1855 Bordeaux Classification System.  And Provence, found in the southern-eastern division where wine has been harvested for nearly 2,600 years.

The history and breadth of French wine need not intimidate new explorers but instead bring forth an interest to enjoy the art of great wine. The flavors and blends of French wine can greatly compliment various meals, more so than fruitier blends from different regions, such as Australia.. In fact, finding the perfect wine to your favorite meal can be pleasurable, engaging, and easier than you may initially come to believe.

Red wine country offers endless blends and flavors to choose from which need be explored.

Fortunately, all that is needed for a getaway to France is a fine glass of wine and your presence at Watermark’s Wine on the Roof.

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